Here it is: A fanfiction and the 20 fakes. (better to read the fanfiction first)

Harry Styles's Secret Diares - A Fanfiction (or not).

"And then I 
noted everyone
 was having an erection"

Dear Diary, I know I haven’t been writing here for years. Actually, my last text was about how I was excited about my x factor audition. I won’t tell you all the things about how my life changed, because I’m done of it. But something very new in my life happened on this last week.

I was at my house with all the boys and we were making some jokes about the host that last interviewed us. The doorbell rang at the moment Louis was trying to make the man’s expression.

I got up and the smile was already at my face.
- Hello, ahh , I’m Thomas – The guy  behind the door looked like a younger version of Simon Cowell,  with that bad and smart expression lines.

He entered very fast and all the boys got scared.
- Relax boys, I’m Thomas Pimpson and I’m here to give you a job opportunity.

We have a contract, bastard, we can’t just sing for anyone – I thought. But everybody looked interested.

-          I work for the T-Gallerie, a worldwide photography agency, and we’re making nude photo-shoots of famous people to sell it and give the money to some poor clinics and rehabs. A lot of artists go thru this an…

-          Hey, we’re not going to get naked! – interrupt Niall

How you do know, the votation for the Most Wishable Man IS closed. And we already have a winner! The difference between the 1st and 2nd place was just 3% of votes. The result will be on tomorrow!

I'm already working on the 20 fakes and they will be here the sooner possible, just like a fanficion about the winner and one fake of the second place. But I can tell you something:  Hayden Christensen is not going to take it. It's just between One Direction and Jared Padalecki. Who is going to be the winner? 

Now you can see a preview of one fake of each are done.