Here it is: A fanfiction and the 20 fakes. (better to read the fanfiction first)

Harry Styles's Secret Diares - A Fanfiction (or not).

"And then I 
noted everyone
 was having an erection"

Dear Diary, I know I haven’t been writing here for years. Actually, my last text was about how I was excited about my x factor audition. I won’t tell you all the things about how my life changed, because I’m done of it. But something very new in my life happened on this last week.

I was at my house with all the boys and we were making some jokes about the host that last interviewed us. The doorbell rang at the moment Louis was trying to make the man’s expression.

I got up and the smile was already at my face.
- Hello, ahh , I’m Thomas – The guy  behind the door looked like a younger version of Simon Cowell,  with that bad and smart expression lines.

He entered very fast and all the boys got scared.
- Relax boys, I’m Thomas Pimpson and I’m here to give you a job opportunity.

We have a contract, bastard, we can’t just sing for anyone – I thought. But everybody looked interested.

-          I work for the T-Gallerie, a worldwide photography agency, and we’re making nude photo-shoots of famous people to sell it and give the money to some poor clinics and rehabs. A lot of artists go thru this an…

-          Hey, we’re not going to get naked! – interrupt Niall

-          Relax! It will not go exposed on the media. We’re only selling the semi-nude ones. Of course we may have to take it naked, but everything will be cutted and photoshopped.
The contract won’t give you any money, but if you guys show your love for poor people it can be good for ur career! And if any naked stuff slip out you will win US$ 1.000.000. 

-          But, um, we may have to stay naked next each other? - My question made my penis grow up a little, of course I was not interested at men, the idea was just confusing me. I never saw any of the boys naked, even with all that stuff fans create about a gay relationship between us. I’ve just seen Zayn’s dick once, when I went to sleep at his house. He thought I was already taking a shower and started to masturbate himself. I had just forgotten to get the towel and I saw that embarrassing scene. I watched it for some seconds –pure curiosity – and then I said excuse me and he stopped. He never mentioned this later. I was sure he was thinking about that in this moment. Everybody was looking to Thomas without reaction. For me it was a sure No, but Louis started:

-          Well, I don’t think that’s a problem. It’s for other people’s life!

-          Agree – said Niall

-          Let’s do it, just don’t make jokes at Harry’s little dick! – Liam made everyone laugh, even me and Thomas.  

-          Oh, ok… - Zayn was wearing a sexy face when the sentence got out. Everyone looked at me. My body was stuck in front of the door.

-          But… Ah, Ok! Let’s do it. When may we start? - I asked it thinking about how much time would be necessary to learn how to control my dick. I always had these erection problems. At that Zayn’s dick time I definitely wasn’t controlled.  What would my buds think about me when they see my dick hard?

-          In three hours – answered Thomas suprising everyone.

-          Ok guys – started Louis – This is going to be funny!

And it was. We all had a lot of fun at my car when we were riding to the studio. The Louis jokes about cocks and the little size of them made me calm down. Then we signed the contract reading every single line twice. Then Thomas took us to a studio that looked like a real house. 

-            Take your shirts off! – Zayn started to make what Thomas said followed by each one of us.  

Three photos.

-          Now the pants! – Everyone looked more comfortable with that – not me – and did it. I couldn’t let my dick grow. I couldn’t have an erection. And then the photographer ordered us to get the underwear off. Niall was the first. Louis the second. Liam the third. Zayn looked at me and took off his. 

Oh, that dick. Was the same one since I last saw it but was softer this time. I took of mine without note what happened. I was hard. My dick looked like a curios pet looking for something out of his cage.  My dick was the harder it could be. Louis was like that too! His dick was so… And then I noted everyone was having an erection. Thomas smiled:

-            Oh, boys! You don’t imagine how all this pictures are going to be amazing!

We took the pictures and then Thomas left us alone. We were all almost Cumming and Louis touched Liam’s dick. Then I held Zayn’s cock and Niall put his dick on my ass. We just started to make sex. 

Zayn’s penis was big and delicious. I wanted so bad to suck it, but I was afraid. We just fucked without any kiss. 

We stayed there for some hours. We didn’t mind about all that cameras were at the place because we knew they were all off. The fact is that it makes 3 days and any of us sayed anything yet. May I touch them again? May we have all that awesome thing again?

Harry Styles



Hello, my name is Thomas Pimpson and I got some pictures of the One Direction guys naked without knowing the camera was on. If any of you: Zayn, Harry, Louis , Niall or Liamgantic is seeing any of this you may not worry.  Everybody knows it all is “fake”.



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Awesome, almost perfect, actually (:

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you should also post the jared padalecki fakes if you have any

01/15/2013 9:54am

they are all at the fist page:

enjoy (:

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Thanks ((::

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Gosh! I just cummed reading the fanfiction! I'll try with the pictures later, awesome job!

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OOPS, The thanks was supposed to be here LOL. Thank you, so

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i wanna cun on their faces

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great fix! fakes too!

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Thank you very much!

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Love to see the hot fake of One Direction boys lining up with their gorgeous hard cocks waving for Tom Daley to delight in wanking them, as a reward for his sweet ass gorgeousness........oh and because he did wind a medal or 2 in the Olympics

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